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Online Purchase

Some buses are only available on booking. In those cases, booking and/or buying your ticket online is mandatory to have access to the bus.

However, we recommend you to buy your ticket online for practical issue (no queuing at the counter)

For every Cars Région bus line, online purchase can be made till the departure, if seats are still available.

You can buy your ticket when arriving at the bus station or when on board.

Small animals, as dogs, cats, birds,… are accepted onboard only if they are in a closed animal cage, on your lap, and if there is no risk of bothering other passengers.

Animals that are put in a cage are accepted free of charge. The owner must keep the cage on his lap and is fully responsible of his pet.

Big dogs that don’t fit in a cage, and dogs that weight 10kg or more must be muzzled and on a leash during the drive. The owner must pay for a ticket for is/her’s pet, the price is the same as for a passenger under the age of 26.

Guide dogs and dogs for the disabled are accepted free of charge if the owner can provide his disability card.

You’ll either have to print them on paper, or display them on an electronic device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) provided that the legibility is not affected. If the e-ticket can’t be read (for bad quality or no battery on your device), it will be declined and the client will have to pay another ticket.

Warning: you can’t use your order confirmation as a ticket.

Delays are managed individually by each bus company. Depending on the time of the delay and operating constraints, the bus will or won’t wait. In case of an important delay, the ticket bought for the initial ride will be usable for the next one depending on availability.


Children under 2 years of age ride free. However, they must take a free ticket to validate their seat (online, at the ticket office or on board)

From 2 years old to 25 years old, the youth fare (-26 years old) applies.

The carrier doesn’t provide a car seat.

During winter season, because of possible traffic problems due to the weather, it’s recommended to ensure a margin of minimum 1h between the expected hour of the bus’s arrival and the expected hour of the train’s departure.

It is highly recommended. For a group of over 20 people, please contact us at +33 04 8000 7000

Your ticket can be bought until the moment of departure, if there’s enough seats available on the bus.

It’s possible to modify the date and the hour on your E-ticket:

  • Online using this website.
  • By phone: contact the Cars Région Savoie call center at +33 04 8000 7000 if you call from France or from abroad.

In case the inquired modification involves refund (for any change other than the hour or the date), please check out the reimbursement conditions below.

In case of modification, due to a destination error, a modification fee will be applied. More info on our General Conditions of the Tickets Sales page.

A modified ticket is not refundable.

Bus stations are located near train stations. At least 10 minutes are recommended to be able to make the connections between the two. This time must be longer if you don’t have your ticket when you arrive at the bus station.

The given travel time is per normal traffic conditions.

Transport tickets can be bought

  • On this website
  • At bus stations ticket offices when they’re open
  • Onboard, when you get on the bus

“E-ticket” are tickets at electronic format (PDF). They are bought online using this website and paid by credit card. Those E-tickets are sent by e-mail at the email address indicated by the customer.

It can take from several minutes to several hours for the e-ticket to be sent to your e-mail address. Don’t forget to check your spams, your ticket may be there.

If you still don’t receive your ticket after that, please contact +33 4 79 75 33 14.

Please contact +33 4 79 75 33 14.

Your refund demand will be taken into account from the moment your postal mail or e-mail is received.

Reimbursement conditions for an e-ticket are as follows:

  • At more than 15 days before departure –> Refund: 95% of the basket less €5.00 cancellation fee.
  • From 8 to 14 days before departure –> Refund: 85% of the basket less €8.00 cancellation fee.
  • From 1 to 7 calendar days before departure –> Refund: 50% of the basket less €8.00 cancellation fee.

There will be no ticket reimbursement if the receipt date of your request to cancel your order is at or after the date of the bus departure.

Round trip tickets can’t be dissociated one from the other. If you wish to change the return trip independently, It is possible to take two one-way trips.

The E-ticket is valid for every regular bus lines (or seasonal lines) of Cars Région Savoie network.

It’s valid for an one way-ticket or a return ticket.

You can buy an E-ticket until the moment of departure, based on seats availability onboard.

You’ll have to show your E-ticket when entering the bus. You’ll have to keep it during the whole trip (in case of unpredicted controls). The E-ticket can be printed on a A4 sized paper, or displayed on an electronic device (smartphone, tablets, etc.) if there’s good enough readability. Every unreadable E-ticket (whether it’s for bad printing or no batteries on your smartphone) will be rejected and you’ll have to pay again for a new ticket. 

The order confirmation can’t be used as a ticket.

In case of a bus inspection, you’ll have to present a valid official ID (with a picture).

The ticket you buy will only be valid for the time, the date and the path indicated on it.

The Cars Région Savoie call center is reachable from Mondays to Saturdays, from 8am to 7pm, Christmas and New Year’s Day included.

By phone (via operator), it’s possible to pay by credit card, Your ticket will only be sent to you after you finished paying your order.

By internet: you can only pay by credit card, using a secure SSL payment system.

OùRA! Subscription

It’s a customable and secured card on which you can load your tickets. It’s:

  • Safer: your tickets are stocked on your card and recorded on your personal account; in case it’s lost or stolen, they’ll be recreated.
  • More flexible: you can use and stock your networks’ most used tickets on a single card!
  • More mobile: you can also use and stock tickets of partner network’s such as TER, Synchro Bus, TAG or even Trans’isere.

If you want more info or simply get your OùRA! Card, visit the oura.com website or go to the Chambery’s bus station.

At the Chambery’s bus station! Be sure to have an ID with you, a picture of yourself will be taken there by a sales agent.

You can also go online at www.oura.com : create your account, upload a picture of yourself + your ID and order your card! You will receive it through the mail.

Chambery’s bus station’s opening hours are:

During French school period:                    

  • On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: from 6:45am to 11:30am, and from 1:45pm to 6:30pm
  • On Wednesdays and Saturdays: from 6:45am to 11:30am

During French school holidays (Zone A)

  • On Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays: from 6:45am to 11:30am
  • On Tuesdays and Thursdays: from 6:45am to 11:30am, and from 1:45pm to 4:30pm
  • Closed on Wednesday

Once you have your card, you’ll need to load tickets. To do so, several options:

  • Go to Chambéry’s bus station
  • Go to oura.com

“I go onboard, I validate”: you now have a contactless card that must be validated beside the driver!

Each time you board the bus, you must present your card to the driver so he can validate it using his sales device: a green pictogram will appear, along with an audible signal to indicate you that your ticket has been validated. You will be in order in case of a control during the trip.

Yes, you can still go to the bus driver and he will provide you with a ticket.

The OùRA! Card cost 5€ and is valid for 5 years. If lost, stolen or deteriorated during this period, creating a new card will cost you 8€. However, the card is free for 3 months if you take a Cars Région Savoie ticket on it.

If your card doesn’t work anymore without showing any physical flaw, it will be replaced for free.

You have to go to the Chambéry bus station as soon as possible so your card can be put on blacklist, then you can buy a new one: thanks to the after-sales service, you will soon recover all your tickets on your new card.

Yes, wherever you created your card, you can use it on the Cars Région Savoie network. However, if you don’t have an account, we advise you to go to Chambéry’s train station to create it. You will therefore be able to have access to your tickets if your card is lost or stolen.

You must purchase a ticket from the bus driver to be in order.

All the information is on your card, the bus driver can tell you. If you created an account on www.oura.com, you can have access to those informations online.

Yes, on www.oura.com, every tickets of our partners networks are available, but you can also go to Chambéry’s bus station.

During your purchase, be sure to keep a receipt. You can also ask for a receipt from Chambéry’s bus station or by going to your personal account in www.oura.com, section “vos cartes et vos titres”.

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